Don’t Blow It is a global organisation, which transcends all political ideas and movements and appeals to all people to take responsibility to save our planet.

A universal symbol was created by the painter Majo, which is understandable by everyone on the planet. The message which comes to mind at the sight of this symbol, is the ‘planet about to explode’. The foundation’s priority is to create international awareness to save our planet. Don’t Blow It is for everyone, despite color, race, nationality, or financial status, and with the conviction that it is only by each of us taking our individual responsibility, can our planet be saved.

Don’t Blow It collaborates with a broad spectrum of individuals, industries and organisations, to spread the “Don’t Blow It” label. The organisation is continuously searching for new partners. Through these collaborations, Don’t Blow It will carry out global campaign strategies within the national and international context it operates within. The organisation uses a number of ways to seek the necessary financial support to fund its work.

Our Ambassadors are committed to spreading the “Don’t Blow It” message and helps to create awareness, individual and group commitment to work with the foundation to achieve its goal. Save our planet.

Don’t Blow It wants a clean planet, a planet without war, a planet without poverty and a planet where there is no hate for our children and future generations.