No War

For obvious reasons Don’t Blow it is opposed to war. We believe our planet should be a sanctuary where lives are celebrated, but wars result in devastation for human life and they always have huge environmental consequences. We strive for a new form of leadership where corruptible and narcissistic leaders are replaced by caring and empathetic leaders. Progressive leaders who bring prosperity and peace into this world, leaders we can look up to and who aspire us to be just like them.


We do not stand a chance as long as this issue does not get resolved. Those leaders are the happy few, but we, the people, we are the many. As such we have the power, not just the power to force some of the happy few to step down from their positions of power, which would only result in them being replaced by others who are just as bad, and oftentimes even worse. We have the power to grant the power to the incorruptible, to those who will abolish partnerships with nations who trample over All this lack of respect for human rights accomplishes, is paving the way for conflict. For instance, our government can say we need their oil, but without us, these suppliers don’t get their Dollars. Those Dollars, they do want and need them badly, and this empowers us, western and peaceful societies, to make change happen. Their desperate need for our money will enable us to formulate a set of requirements, and when they are met, it will result in us doing business with them once again.


That way the replacement of our leaders will inevitably lead to them replacing theirs. It will take a while to achieve this, and that is putting it mildly. First we need to democratize our own fake democracies to get rid of the current nepotism in our governments. We urge everybody, both individuals as well as organizations, who feels called upon to make change happen, to join us in our efforts!!

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