No Poverty

Living alongside people who are not able to make ends meet for themselves and their families, presents us with yet another challenge. It is clear that the ones who are struggling in this society, play an important role in maintaining a system that absorbs a lot of money. We are talking about a system that includes social workers, bailiffs, collection agencies, youth care, hospitals and even prisons. A system that could not exist in its current dimensions, without the relative and silent poverty that is so very much entangled into our own prosperous society.

Locating and helping people who do not qualify for any help, and who’s name cannot be found on a list providing some kind of safety net, is an important part of our mission. Part of the revenues generated from any of our projects, and any of the initiatives we take part in, will always be allocated to this cause.

Aside from trying to solve these problems with money, we also collect and re-distribute movables, clothes and food.

Without support our job would not be possible. Therefore we are calling out for yours. The manner in which you can contribute, varies from donating money, locating people within our target audience, providing access to consumables, to actually engaging in tangible activities.

Please contact us with any questions, ideas, propositions or comments you might have. We are looking forward to you getting in touch with us.

Feel like making a donation straight away? Then please visit our Donation Page.