No Pollution

One of the main goals of the Don’t Blow It Foundation is to realize Don’t Blow It Eco Villages at every possible location. These Eco Villages will be totally ecological and built with biological materials which are self-sustainable. We want to accomplish a zero emission status and therefore no pollution at all. Not only do we think that it should be possible for everybody to switch to green energy, but we are also very certain that every inhabitant on this planet should have a freedom of choice for this form of green (clean) energy.

The ‘Don’t Blow It’ Eco Villages will be powered by solar energy, and every eco-house will be equipped with Tesla’s Powerwall, windmills and special biological water purification systems. This way the inhabitants can enjoy this cost free energy that will be available to everybody in the near future. All these assets make no pollution possible in the ‘Don’t Blow It’ Eco Villages, you will find Bio-farms, Bio-supermarkets, Bio-restaurants and everything that involves durability.
This way we hope that people will wake up and realize that this goal is achievable, especially in the time of crisis we live in. If we are able to create or gain energy as mentioned above, it will eventually shape a better environment and well being.
The ‘Don’t Blow It’ Foundation is working with several platforms of expertise on all levels to interact and work towards realization on every detail. It is also important to teach and provide education in durability in order to make people understand what the possibilities are and what it means for our planet and ourselves.
We hope to inspire every company and corporation to take ‘green’ forwarding steps towards the future starting right now!