No Hate

Don’t Blow It aims for a world without hate and violence, a world where we are all equal and stand up for each other, a world where people respect one another’s traditions, religion, origin, position and culture, a world where one is open minded towards people who are otherwise-minded.

Domestic violence, bullying at school or at the workplace, berating eachother in traffic, racism, envy, incomprehension and jealousy are everyday’s business. All this is taken to the next level when people start to call for hate and violence.

The causes for these kinds of negativity are ofcourse different in nature. Often they are spoon-fed, sometimes they occur due to traumatic experiences and other times due to low self-esteem. It is obvious that both the perpetrator as well as the receiver from these hate expressions needs help.

Even though we are inspired to provide help in these matters, it is our true objective to be a step ahead, since prevention is better than cure. The motto with which we aim to achieve this goal is “What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb”. It is our belief that teaching empathy and sensitivity to children from a very young age, is a first big step and probably even THE solution. When a person learns to be sensitive and aware of the feelings from others, different and improved manners will arise, and one’s self-esteem will not be meddled with.

We are busy masterminding a program to achieve this and we ask everyone to contribute and participate. Parents, teachers, everybody who feels called upon, join us in our efforts!!

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