Our Mission

Don’t Blow It aims to be a unifying symbol, which transcends all political ideas as well as movements of all kinds. Don’t Blow It appeals to common sense, logic, respect and individual responsibility.

One does not need to have studied, or be able to predict the future to have a short term view of the future of our planet earth if man does not respect the inalienable right of all forms of life; plants, animals and human beings.

Our planet earth, in the course of time, has seen our oceans gradually become real rubbish dumps, her air poisoned by pollution. Wars destroy faith in mankind and his culture and drag us into an apocalyptic spiral. Should we pass on this inherited heaven on earth, as a hell to our children and future generations?


Our Vision

The Don’t Blow It Foundation’s envisions a world where societies are collectively aware that it is up to us to save our planet. Our days are indeed numbered. We urgently need to change the relationship we have with our planet earth in a radical way. If not: Game Over!!

One of the objectives of the Don’t Blow It Foundation is the restoration of sites in areas of desertification, through the use of ecological products and materials, and to make these areas self-sufficient, thanks to free green energy.

As the great Wubbo Ockels, astronaut and Dutch national hero, said:

I quote:

“We all sit aboard the same spaceship, and we have no other”


Our Core Values

– Commitment: We are committed to engage in great initiatives that impact the lives of anyone who is involved with us and anyone we reach out to

– Community: We have a sense of responsibility and contribution to society that defines our existence

– Empowerment: We empower our team, our ambassadors and everyone else who gets involved with us to give their best in order to accomplish our goals

– Innovation: We strive to come out with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world

– Passion: We put our minds and hearts in our projects to achieve the maximum results

– Respect: We give due respect to everyone to maintain the environment of growth